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TORQ University Social Media Manager

We are seeking college interns interested in sports media and content creation to manage affiliated TORQ Sports social media accounts that positively reflect the athletics and culture of their school from a student perspective. This opportunity provides one-on-one training with industry professionals to learn the processes behind social media content optimization and marketing. Participants will also be connected with a nationwide network of fellow students that share their passions and interests.


  • Have fun, collaborate with your friends, and showcase your comedic ability.
  • Establish meaningful connections with a multinational network of athletes, experts, and professionals.
  • Learn the processes behind social media content optimization and corporate marketing strategy.


  • Commitment to defined posting schedule and content guidelines.
  • Proficiency using Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.
  • Regular attendance of school athletic events / understanding of school culture.
  • Ability to film basic content using a smartphone.

This is a selective opportunity that can lead to a full-time position on our team.

If interested, please apply below or contact with any questions.

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